...dachte was bringen β€œGummibΓ€rle” fΓΌr die Haare?...

...thought what use are "gummy bears" for the hair?...

Hello, my name is Patrick from Frummi.de, today we are at the Coiffure Velly hairdressing salon in Bietigheim and have an appointment with Ms. Daferner to talk about our product. Ms. Daferner is a customer and at the same time the mother of master hairdresser Janina, here in the salon.

Hairdressing salon Coiffure Velly in Bietigheim-Bissingen

Great news has reached us from master hairdresser Janina at the Frummi headquarters. Today we are going to talk about how the product Frummi could help Frau Daferner.

Hello Ms. Daferner, I am very pleased to be interviewing you today. Why did you choose Frummi?

"My daughter recommended it to me and at first I smiled at it a bit, thought what good are "gummy bears" for your hair? Then I just took it and found that my hair got better.”

What was the trigger for your hair loss?

"My daughter (hairstylist) and I suspected that stress at work (caregiver) had triggered the hair loss!"

Had you tried other solutions/products before that?

" No, I've always just made sure that I use good products for my hair. So shampoo, conditioner etc.”

"I never had any problems with my hair. Until at some point we realized that there was a slight gap on the front left of the forehead.”

Who motivated you to test our Frummi product?

"My daughter Janina. Although she didn't have to motivate me much after she said that my hair grows faster and healthier."

Ok, you have then started testing Frummi! How was the course for you?

"I diligently took my 2 Frummis every day and after 2 - 3 weeks I had already noticed that something was happening to my hair. The hair looks better, got longer and especially on top, especially at the gap where a little fuzz grew!”

Was there any other support while you were taking it - other products, mentally or did Frummi already motivate you?

"No! That motivated me after I noticed that something was happening.”

Was there a difficult moment for you when you were taking it?

" No."

What experiences have you had while working with Frummi?

" That I felt better physically thanks to all the vitamins. I was more motivated and agile. Better hair, better body feeling thanks to the vitamins in Frummi.”

How did those around you (friends/family) react?

"Most of them don't even know. My daughter Janina regularly checks the spot where the hair was falling and noticed relatively quickly at the beginning that something was happening there and that hair was growing again. The first time, my daughter said: "Crazy" and looked horrified. She then immediately compared the picture she took with her cell phone before taking it and could clearly see the difference.”

Has the positive effect changed or influenced your everyday life?

"Yeah, of course, that's always a little sticking point with women if something about their hair isn't right. I'm very vain about my hair anyway! So I'm just glad that it helped me so much."

What has that done to your self-confidence personally?

"Yes, I've become more self-confident again."

How big is the difference before and after prolonged use?

"Extremely so, at least for me. In general, about the hair, about the thickness, about the length. That gap that was there is gone!”

What advice can you give to everyone interested in Frummi?

"Just take it and be patient, that's what you need too! For some it works faster, for others it takes a little longer, so just take it regularly and be patient!”

Do you have anything else you want to say?

"That I will continue to take the fruit gums regularly ."

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