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9 mistakes when blow-drying

Blow-drying is more than just a necessity, because visiting the hairdresser shows again and again that some trendy hairstyles can be conjured up by using an ordinary blow-dryer. But what is the secret and why are we not able to achieve stylish hairstyles at home with the help of a hair dryer? In today's article, we'll tell you which ten mistakes often occur when blow-drying and how you can learn the right technique. 

Incorrect blow-drying favors these problems

If you don't blow dry properly, you can quickly risk hair damage. Especially when you choose a heat that is too high, expose your hair directly and for a long time to the high temperatures and maybe blow-dry it when it is wet, hair breakage, frizz or matt, lackluster hair structures are inevitable. In the long run, the hair problems could even lead to hair loss, which is why you should pay enough attention to the right technique right from the start. In the following, we would therefore like to provide you with an overview of the most common mistakes that can happen to you while blow-drying.

1 Error: Incorrect product application

Often the best care products cannot work if they are used incorrectly. For example, a volume spray should be applied directly to the scalp after the hair has been sectioned. Instead, anti-frizz or anti-damage items need to be applied to the parting, not the length of the hair, while dosage is also important. Neither too little nor too much of the product would make sense. It is therefore advisable to always follow the package instructions.

2 mistakes: No care before blow-drying

Many forget that blow-drying can damage the hair and that the hair structure needs a lot of care with a high-quality oil. It protects against split ends and gives you a natural shine. For this you should use a high-quality hair oil, which you put in the lengths and on the tips, not on the roots. 

3 mistakes: Premature blow-drying

The timing also plays a role. You should let your hair air dry for as long as possible before you blow dry it. If it is blow-dried straight after a shower while it is wet, it is very vulnerable and could be damaged by the heat. If you're short on time without blow-drying, it would be better to take a shower in the evening and let your hair air-dry. Alternatively, you can also pre-dry your hair very carefully in a microfibre cloth, not in terry towels. They rub against the hair structures and make them sensitive, which in turn could cause hair damage when blow-drying.

4 errors: Missing heat protection

When you blow dry your hair is exposed to high temperatures, which is why you should definitely use a heat protectant . It is needed for every use of the hair dryer and must not be forgotten even if you are short on time. 

5 mistakes: Wrong hair dryer

Another mistake is using an inferior hair dryer. These products often work with high heat and take a lot of time until the hair is dry. On the other hand, an ion hair dryer that has less heat but more power would be better. A sufficiently long cable is also useful in order to have enough freedom of movement.

6 errors: Incorrect use of the brush

Another mistake is using an inferior hair dryer. These products often work with high heat and take a lot of time until the hair is dry. On the other hand, an ion hair dryer that has less heat but more power would be better. A sufficiently long cable is also useful in order to have enough freedom of movement.

7 errors: no essay

Even if some illustrations show something different, you should never omit the attachment of the hair dryer. It ensures hair straightening and a concentrated airflow that protects against hair damage. 

8 errors: Wrong blow-dry direction

Maybe you know it too, we tend to automatically start with the hair dryer at the back of the head. Exactly this approach is wrong, because if you want to blow dry properly, you should always start in the front area. Start with the front of the head and then very slowly work your way to the back of the head. Make sure that you blow-dry very carefully and yet thoroughly at the crown of your hair, because this part is frizzy the most and therefore needs special attention.

9 mistakes: Too much heat, too little distance

Many people tend to set the hair dryer to the highest heat level the entire time and then also to harass the sensitive scalp with the hot air. The result would not only be an increased risk of split ends, frizz or other hair damage, it can also cause serious injuries to the scalp. It is therefore advisable to first blow-dry your hair on a high setting and then use colder air to finish. This seals the hair roots and creates a natural shine for your hair. On top of that, it would be good if you keep a sufficient distance from the scalp when blow-drying and hold the blow-dryer further away from the hair so as not to damage the scalp itself or the hair structure. 

Checklist: You have to pay attention to this when blow-drying!

In addition to the typical mistakes that could occur when blow-drying, there are also a few requirements that you have to meet so that your daily use of the blow-dryer supports the desired hairstyle creation. These include, among other things:

  • Healthy hair structures 

Make sure that your hair is regularly and well cared for and that you avoid aggressive styling

  • As little as necessary

If you can avoid it, skip the hair dryer (e.g. on weekends) and let your hair air dry

  • Investments are worthwhile

Remember that with all products, whether hair dryer or care products, you choose branded goods that are also suitable for your hair condition. If you have no experience with it, you are welcome to get advice from a professional in your trusted salon

  • reputation and imitation

Especially for inexperienced people, it makes sense to have a hairdresser or acquaintances/friends show you the correct blow-drying technique, who can handle the heat and the device itself. This avoids mistakes and ensures that you get a feel for the hair dryer


You've probably already realized that blow-drying your hair is apparently more complex than you might think at first glance. In order to achieve just as great results and styles as with a visit to the hairdresser, you need practice in handling your hair, patience, high-quality products and the time to try out different techniques and of course the right hair texture. With the tips mentioned and sufficient hair care, however, you will certainly be able to conjure up a trendy hairstyle quickly and successfully with the hair dryer.

By Christina Treu –

updated March 17, 2022

Christina Faithful

Editorial office Frummi

Christina Treu has been writing for Frummi since May 2019. She is ambitious to always check the best sources and to write the most qualified texts for our customers.


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