Iodine: Origin & interesting facts about iodine

Interesting facts about iodine

at iodine is it a Trace element , which is essential and non-metallic. It is subordinate to the halogens and has many important functions for the human organism.

Iodine is almost never found in its pure form and hardly ever occurs in nature. Instead, it designates a solid which, when heated, vaporizes into a violet-colored gas, which explains the primordial name "Ioeides" from ancient Greek.

Those stands for violet colored or violet. Just like other essential substances, the trace element cannot be produced independently by the body, but it must be found in every healthy organism.

origin of iodine

It was possible to extract iodine from natural seaweed for the first time in around 1812. However, the notable findings about the trace element came much later, namely a century later.

extraction of iodine

There are many iodine foods that contain the trace element in different doses. A main supplier is saltwater fish, especially cod or haddock. Other products are:

Grain products or freshwater fish, on the other hand, only have a very small amount of iodine. In addition, the iodine intake of the organism varies depending on the food, which is why a large number of the important ingredients are lost in some products during processing.

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updated 10 Feb 2022

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